Finally, after months of re-writing FTPbox almost from scratch, version 2 is out. It’s hard to list everything that has changed in this release, but I’ll try to note down the most important changes in this post.

The main new features introduced in this version are:

  • Remote file syncing is now either manual or automatic (optional)
  • Speed Limits are available for Upload/Download speeds (FTP only)

But that’s not why it took me so long to get this release ready. In fact:

  • The syncing method has been changed completely to be more reliable and stable.
  • FTPbox can now handle syncing multiple files at once (e.g. when the user pastes many files/folders inside the local folder)
  • The SFTP library has been changed (to SSH.NET)

By taking a quick look at this new version you should also be able to notice the following improvements:

  • The notification messages and the tray text are more detailed and descriptive
  •  The interface is much faster than it used to be (forms, tray menus etc)
  • There’s better file filtering to avoid syncing temporary files, server files etc

But these are just some of the changes made. The new version is much more reliable and works far better than the old one. I recommend you go give it a try.

You can find a more complete list by visiting the changelog.

I must also thank all the (awesome) translators for submitting 10 new translations for this release.

Expect a new release to be available really soon with even more new things!


Thanks for reading.